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rose - student in computer engineering, with a special interest in music and audio


pronouns [she/her] [they/them]


I'm a second-year undergraduate at Michigan State University studying Computer Engineering. I'm especially interested in embedded systems and human-computer interaction. My current focus is the ways that computers can be used to enhance live musical performances without interfering with the human nature of live performance.


I've done some audio engineering work, including mixing and mastering music. If you're looking for someone to mix or master your music, feel free to contact me below for my portfolio and pricing.


Matrix: @132ikl:boiler.social

Email: 132 at this domain

Git: Gitea, GitHub, GitLab

Mastodon: @132ikl@types.pl

GPG: 6779CF20ECF01C19

Discord: 132ikl#5281


Here are some projects I've worked on:

liteshort: user-friendly, lightweight, configurable link shortener

nopkg: command line tool to easily fetch release artifacts

opensight: powerful, easy-to-use, and modular vision suite for robotics

game: satirical skinner box point-collecting game

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