rose's website



rose - real name

132ikl - username


here are contact methods and other accounts i have, in order of preference

use gpg/minisign for private correspondance

matrix: @132ikl:boiler.social

email: 132 at this domain

mastodon: @132ikl@types.pl

github: 132ikl

gitlab: 132ikl

discord: 132ikl#5281

i do not accept random discord friend requests, either message me before sending a request or use a different contact option


gpg: 6779CF20ECF01C19. Web Key Directory is also available

minisign/signify: RWQay4G9f9dsvuZ1ODlr1tOEgzno9/vhLPyrI25UQxl2D0POzFlwMyT0

age: age1m0rgajh5y76kaj2j3u58l0af57v2dtyv3c0l8k5czhqaejazv99qsc0cz8


here are some projects i work on:

opensight: powerful, easy-to-use, modular vision suite

liteshort: user-friendly, lightweight, configurable link shortener

nopkg: command line tool to automatically fetch release artifacts

website: this very webbed site! fascinating.

game: eccentric skinner box point-collecting game written in rust

see also

linx-server(8) liteshort(8)